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Original Trustees

  • Oscar G. Mayer, Jr.
  • Elsa S. Mayer
  • Harold M. Mayer
  • Allan C. Mayer, Sr.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

stephanie mayer heydt

brooke mayer larson

Gregory K. Mayer, MD

Oscar Henry Mayer

r. campbell mayer

william e. mayer

barbara j. pope

sarah rider

Alison M. Shetter


William E. Mayer


Oscar Henry Mayer

Vice President

Barbara J. Pope


Alison M. Shetter


Timothy N. Thompson

Assistant Treasurer

Carolyn S. Monson

Assistant Secretary

Standing Committees

Executive Committee:

Members:  William E. Mayer (Chair), Oscar Henry Mayer, Alison Shetter

Charter: The Executive Committee is authorized to exercise the full power of the Board of Directors to act between meetings of the Board upon matters which, in the judgment of the President, are of such a nature as to require action prior to the next regular meeting of the Board and requires action before it would be practical to call a special meeting of the Board.

Finance & Investment Committee:

Members: Barbra J. Pope (Chair), Timothy N. Thompson (Assistant Treasurer), Donald Lee Mayer,  Richard A. Mayer, Robert O. Mayer, Gregory K. Mayer, William E. Mayer

Charter: Oversee the investment and financial responsibilities of the foundation in conjunction with our investment consultant, CAPTRUST.

Grant Making Committee:

Members:  Oscar Henry Mayer (Chair), Oscar Harrison Mayer, R. Campbell Mayer, Stephanie Mayer Heydt, Harold F. Mayer, Sarah Rider, Katie Mayer Waterman

Charter: To identify and establish the process the Foundation will utilize in evaluating the merits of organization proposals submitted for grantee consideration.

History & Legacy Committee:

Members: Stephanie Mayer Heydt (Chair), Oscar Henry Mayer, Barbara J. Pope

Charter: Oversee documentation and distribution of significant historical events, relationships, and moments related to the furthering of the purpose of the Foundation.

Outreach Committee:

Members: William E. Mayer (Chair), Brooke Mayer Larson, Oscar Raymond Mayer, Sarah Rider, Alison Shetter, Emma Shetter

Charter: Create opportunities for communication that facilitates the work of the Foundation

Nominating Committee:

Members: Alison M. Shetter (Chair), William E. Mayer, Harold F. Mayer

Charter: Review and evaluate the current Board Member guidelines and create a set of criteria around eligibility for nominating new Board Members. The objectives include: 1. Identify Board Member Roles and Responsibilities, 2. Outline Nominating Process and Timeline, and 3. Identify a potential list of Board Members

Administration / Charitable consultants

Timothy N. Thompson

Assistant Treasurer
Sedgwick Advisers, LLC

Carolyn S. Monson

Assistant Secretary
Sedgwick Advisers, LLC

Allistair Mallillin

Senior Program Officer
Common Counsel Foundation

joshua delfin

Program Officer
Common Counsel Foundation


  • captrust – Investment
  • Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC – Legal