Guidestar is the leader in providing comprehensive data on more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations, connecting them with donors, foundations, businesses, and governing agencies in a nationwide community of giving.


Each day, about 20,000 people find answers using GuideStar. The information they provide contains searchable data from IRS Forms 990 and the IRS Business Master File, including comprehensive facts on employee compensation and grant activity. With their new eDocs service, nonprofits can add their annual reports, audited financial statements, letters of determination, and other documents to their growing store of information, making GuideStar a more powerful tool than ever.

Utilizing Guidestar, you can perform a simple search to verify a nonprofit’s legitimacy, learn whether a contribution will be tax deductible, view a nonprofit’s recent Forms 990, or find out more about its mission, programs, and finances. Thanks to the generosity of a number of foundations, GuideStar Basic is available at no charge to users.

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