docusign FORMS

Click applicable form below fill out and sign available forms electronically.  If there are other forms you would like added to the DocuSign Form Library to complete electronically, please contact our office at and let us know and we will work on fulfilling the request.

Before completing, please read the instructions for this form CAREFULLY.  In addition to other specific conditions, designation requests must be RECEIVED by the Foundation no later than November 15th. To request a personal designation gift, please complete the form below by entering your name and e-mail in the PowerForm Signer Information section.  Once the form has been completed by you, DocuSign will automatically send a copy of the completed form to the foundation office and a copy to you by email.  If any additional information is required a staff of the foundation office will reach out to you if needed.  Otherwise you will be notified when the designation is sent to the eligible organization. Eligible organizations must be located in the United States and be recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
All matching gift requests must be received by the Foundation by November 15 in the fiscal year of the gift.  Matching gifts will generally be disbursed by the Founation within one month after receiving the request.  Gift forms received for gifts made after November 15 will be matched in January as part of the following year’s matching gift allocation. Eligible organizations must be located in hte United States and recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue service under SEction 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fill out Part A as it applies to your gift.  Be sure the form is completed and signed. Please also ensure you enter a name and e-mail address for the recipient institution on the PowerForm Signer Information page before filling out the application.  The recipient institution must verify the donor section and fill out Part B completely.

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